After All These Years

Title : After All These Years
Release : 2013
Language : English 2.0
Runtime : 1 :26:00
Genre : Mystery, Thriller
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On the night of their thirtieth wedding anniversary celebration, Michael Brandon, who owns and runs a research firm, tells his wife, Audrey Brandon, that he wants to leave her for another woman, his colleague Christine Boll. This news comes as a shock to Audrey, who never thought there was a problem in their marriage let alone infidelity. Several months later on the eve of their divorce being finalized with Michael long having moved out, Audrey finds Michael stabbed to death in her kitchen. Audrey becomes the police’s chief suspect, they having enough evidence to charge her with his murder, which they plan to do following Michael’s funeral. As such, Audrey, donning a disguise, decides to go on the run so that she can discover who really killed Michael. Although Michael was generally an up front kind of man, Audrey knows there are others out there who may have had motive, such as Christine, and Michael’s former business partner, Artie Green. Beyond those with motive, Audrey also has to…

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