The Social Ones

Title : The Social Ones
Release : 2019
Language : English 2.0
Runtime : 1 :26:00
Genre : Comedy
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A love letter to our generation, this side-splitting comedy covers the making of The National Influencer’s Fifth Anniversary issue – and the big cover shoot is just four weeks away. The print magazine is ironically dedicated to the modern day celebrity – i.e. people with large social media followings – and in the spirit of Christopher Guest, the film takes you inside the lives of the Influencer stars of the issue in the four weeks leading up to the big photo-shoot; a Meme God at his peak, a Snapchat teeny-bopper addicted to stunts, a food Youtuber who will put an egg on just about anything if it means engagements, an eccentric fashion blogger willing to go to drastic lengths for a perfect #nofilter shot, and a Facebook vlogger obsessed with dressing animals up inn costumes. What’s the one thing they all have in common? Social media anxiety disorder. All goes awry when Dan Summers – the quintessential Snapchat celebrity with the largest following – disappears after having a social …

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